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Frequency Theme

Put your headphones on for Frequency, the March 2014 theme. It comes with loads of features, like eight stunning parallax body backgrounds, you can use in your project.

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Powered by Warp7

Powered by Warp 7

The Warp framework provides a rich toolset for developing cross-platform themes, including support for LESS, a Customizer and its very own front-end framework, UIkit.

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Download UIkit

Download UIkit

A lightweight and modular front-end framework. It is open source and MIT licensed and you are free to use, modify and distribute it without any limitations.

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What we're working on

  • 365 Days with Dad

    365 Days with Dad

    Artist Cbabi Bayoc

    Artist, Painter, Cbabi Bayoc
    365 Days with Dad
    CMS, Cataloging System
  • SweetArt


    bakery, cafe, art studio

    family-owned bakeshop
    old-school treats
    Content Management System
  • Afterglow


    bonus style

    Neat Widgetkit Slideset
    bonus style with a special
    image overlay.
  • Safe Tech Pest Control

    Image Sources

    fully editable

    Frequency includes fully
    editable Adobe Fireworks
    image source files.
  • UIkit


    full integration

    Includes all UIkit features,
    like LESS variables and
    the Customizer.
  • Handdrawn


    neat styling

    Beautiful handmade style
    with a modern layout and
    latest technologies.
  • Style Variations

    Style Variations

    eight included

    Eight style variations,
    including colors, fonts
    and backgrounds.
  • Warp7

    Warp 7

    theme framework

    Built with the latest
    version of the Warp
    theme framework.

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